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Of the 148 species of maple (Acer), globally only four species produce enough sweet sap to be harvested, and typically sap is only harvested from two – the Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) and Red Maple (Acer rubrum).
About Maple
maple syrup grades
  • What is Maple
    Pure maple syrup is a natural, essentially wild, crafted product made by boiling down the sap of maple trees. No additives or preservatives are used.
  • Grades

    syrupSyrup comes in different grades, but these aren't related to quality. Each grade is of the same quality, but has different color and flavor. Find out about the characteristics of each grade, and what makes them different.

  • Cooking With Maple

    Forget pancakes, there are a lot of great ways to get maple into your daily diet. We eat maple every day, often as an ingredient in entrees you might not expect.

    Maple syrup is great over cold or hot cereal, fruit, plain yogurt, puddings, and ice cream. Maple syrup is great in baked beans, apple pies, pickles, stir frys, and glazes and sauces.

  • Storage
    Tips and information on storing maple products
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