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Maple Facts

The entire world’s production of maple syrup is made in only 17 states and provinces in northeastern North America.
Organic Maple Syrup

All maple syrup is essentially organic. It is produced from the sap of a wild plant, which is boiled down using no additives or preservatives. All tap hole disinfectants are illegal and there are no pesticides licensed for use in sugarbushes.

There is some experimentation being done with lime and fertilizer to ameliorate the effects of acid rain, but this is not occurring in commercial enterprises. The major reason to be certified organic is to assure that good stewardship practices are used in the woods such as tapping only large enough trees and not over tapping.

We have always considered our products superior examples of sustainably produced food. Certified organic maple syrup offers further assurance of the stewardship practices that we all undertake. To be certain we can satisfy everyone’s needs, our packaging facility, as well as our farm and a number of others with whom we work are now certified organic. Being certified organic also allows us to show our support for others in agriculture who care about healthy food and soil.

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