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Maple Facts

100 million lbs. of maple syrup are produced each year. That’s just a little less than two 2 fl. oz. servings per year for each of the approximately 330 million people in the U.S. and Canada.

syrupSyrup comes in different grades, but these aren't related to quality. Each grade is of the same quality, but has different color and flavor. Find out about the characteristics of each grade, and what makes them different.

Grades of Syrup

The ‘grades’ of syrup are based on flavor and color. Each of the grades is of equal quality. The same process is used to produce each of the grades, with the variations in color and flavor resulting largely from changes in ambient temperature and biological activity in the sap. Lighter grades of syrup tend to be produced early in the season when temperatures are colder, while darker grades tend to be produced toward the end of the season.

Vermont Maple Syrup Grades Characteristics

Vermont Fancy – has a delicate maple flavor with a light golden amber color. It is excellent over ice cream or other foods that allow its subtle flavor to be appreciated.
Grade A Medium Amber – has a pronounced maple flavor and an amber color. A Medium’s characteristic maple flavor makes it popular for table and all around use.
Grade A Dark Amber – has a robust maple flavor and a rich dark amber color. Its heartier maple flavor makes it popular for table and all around use.
Grade B – has a strong maple flavor and slight caramel taste and a dark color. Grade B is preferred by some for table use, and its strong flavor makes it best for cooking. It is the darkest consumer grade available.
Commercial Grade – Commercial grade syrup has an exceedingly strong maple flavor. It is typically used as an ingredient for cereals and other baked products and in the smoking and curing of meats. Commercial grade is only available in bulk sizes and cannot be packaged in consumer containers.


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