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Maple Quotes

“I have never tasted any better sugar than what has been made from the maple, when it has been properly refined. It has a peculiarly rich, salubrious, and pleasant taste.”
- Samuel Williams, A Natural and Civil History of Vermont 1794
About Us
We know maple from soil to roots, trunk and twigs, from historic to modern technology, from sap chemistry to flavor analysis, from bulk value to value-added... Look inside our process for making the high-quality maple products for which we're internationally known.

David Defines the BMF Difference

I think we are different than most companies and maple producers because maple is full time for us. We see it from the tree, to the syrup barrel, through processing, quality control, packaging, sales and marketing, to distribution and retail.

How Maple Syrup is Made

In January, we head into the woods to prepare for sugaring season. Each year we inspect the lines, adding new taps and replacing old ones, inspecting the pipeline system for damage and making the necessary repairs. Although we still hang a few buckets around the sugarhouse, they aren’t used much any more. Most sap collection today is done through systems of tubing and pipeline.


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