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Our roots go deep in this business. A friend says he’s not sure if it’s a disease or a bad habit. We, like many others around here, find sugaring gets in the blood and you just can’t get it out. For us, the business is not only the pleasure and process of making the season’s first crop, but also the satisfaction of delivering it to our customers the way they want it, when they want it.

  • Purchasing Our Product
    Maple syrup is a unique regionally, seasonally produced product. Here at Butternut Mountain Farm we’re committed to sourcing syrup to meet our customer's every need. We’ve developed long and trusted relationships with Vermont, New England and Canadian producers.
  • Wholesale Customers
    Without you we wouldn’t be here. In our business, where we have to wait more than 40 years for a newly planted maple tree to produce maple syrup we have to be committed to the long term view. It’s an old fashioned way to do business, but for us, it’s the only way. And it’s very satisfying. 
  • Quality Control/Food Safety

    We know maple syrup – the taste, smell, feel, and complicating factors as producers and processors. We have been making syrup for nearly 40 years and have used and experienced almost every technology ever involved in making syrup. David grew up visiting maple producers with his father and now enjoys doing so today, as part of his job to verify that what we buy comes with the quality, safety and pride we embrace in our own operation.

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