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Our Wholesale Services

Service is almost the prime descriptor of Butternut Mountain Farm, who we are and how we operate.

However one wants a maple product from a 1oz bottle to 55 gallon drum, from maple candy to bulk maple sugar, from condiments to complimentary products we are a complete maple purveyor. Our packaging is neat, clean, safe, and presentable, shipped carefully, shipped on time and packed to arrive as expected. Our attention to detail is how we get the next sale.

In the old days it was 1,2,3 or 4 Marvins answering the phone, taking the order, packing the product and delivering the goods. There were many Friday afternoon deliveries to local stores. Now the same ethic applies: answer the phone, be glad for the order, deliver ASAP and get the shelves full so the syrup will sell. “If they don’t have it, they can’t sell it, and if they don’t sell it, we don’t sell it!” Still True.

We hope we always under promise and over deliver – you don’t need much more marketing than that in the long run.

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